Ocular Migraine And Gonorrhea Ocular Migraine Or Something Else?

Ocular Migraine or Something Else? - ocular migraine and gonorrhea

I had what I believe, an eye migraine last night ... Descriptions of what I read online, it's what about a T "a blind spot in the vision of small plants, with a brilliant zig-zag in his light" for approximately 15-20 minutes, very few headaches, according to (some people do not get headaches at all what I read), and nausea. I'm scared, so I will first thought it was a rare Panic Attack! LOL

Now I'm worried that this might mean something more serious and want to reassure me. Your health benefits will not start before the end of the month. I strained my eyes hard at work yesterday because they had to on a computer, which I am accustomed to sit, and I had to wear my glasses. I also listened to hormonalChanges can be expected this, and it is my time this month, a week before, because I took Plan B on Saturday before last. I also take a statin for high cholesterol, but I do not know if this has nothing to do with it or not. I am occasionally floats into his eyes, but not too often.

All of this scares me ... I go to a doctor in the next month, but anyone can provide comfort, in the meantime would be appreciated. Thank you! :)


Raji the Green Witch said...

Stella may have eye pain due to multiple causes. One of these things is glaucoma. You should make an appointment with an ophthalmologist to examine the eyes of some excavations in the optic nerve to. Glaucoma is a disease resulting from increased intraocular pressure of the excessive production of fluid in the eye. It may be in the "explosion" of the nerves in the weak eye, squint and optic nerve. Can not, can lead to blindness. I have the final stage of glaucoma and ocular thought I would be having migraines at the beginning. I have ignored for years, until I realized that a big part of my vision has deteriorated and went to an eye doctor to get glasses. They discovered the problem and referred me to an ophthalmologistI was diagnosed. If I had acted sooner, I could have saved my eyes. Unfortunately, I am totally blind in his left eye and only 11 degrees of vision in her right, and I am blind and can no longer work or drive.

Take my word for it, should take care of your eyes. You can not make new ones. When blind is one of the poorest feelings that can be experienced and not easy. Make an appointment as soon as possible. We can not have glaucoma, but not worth the peace of mind? And if you do, now is the best time to begin treatment for it, so you can keep your eyes as long as possible.

Glaucoma is a disease that only buy older people. Many young people also did this, and it can really mess with yourIf you live in a young age and become blind, something that is simple to treat and save the view.

Brightest Blessings,
Raji the Green Witch

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